Hey CausticSoda, those videos are for out V1. Please follow the sequence of placing trays below. 3D-Printable Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Box Inserts. Awesome organizer at a competitive price! The design offers both efficient storage and improved playability. Anonymous Some of the insert panels that you punch pieces from have long thin wooden parts that aren’t mentioned in the instructions. Great service and responsiveness! Condition is "Used". (verified owner) – June 13, 2019. 15 produkter. (verified owner) – October 23, 2018. Spirit Island Organizer. Is it to open the boxes once the lids are on? -Character boxes should have their respective symbol on the side. The insert is arranged in three layers. The minis I will be keeping separately until needed. – Product quality. It’s not a huge deal, but its a bit tacky. Almost complete. (6) The product has met my high expectations from G7G. Build took me about 4 hours all told, with a chunk spent listening to things. Everything is laid out well and the engraving lets me know where everything goes. Unwatch, Drew F. (1) Solid: Slightly stronger overall. Unlocking a new character class doesn’t happen very often anyways either. – It was a _lot_ of fun to build. The Go7 Gaming organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion includes all the great features you expect from Go7 Gaming – etched monster trays, etched token trays, etched dividers, room for sleeved cards, and our amazing character trays. Anonymous using premium FF sleeves. The quality is excellent. (0) (verified owner) – July 26, 2018. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product. Otherwise you puzzle a bit at the shapes to make sure it matches the thumbnail. All marks are the property of their respective owners. This includes the monster trays, the terrain trays, the status tray, the token trays, etc. It was very time consuming though. Forgot to mention- print them on the Avery 5160 label sheet, not just letter paper! – The writing is, in some cases, a little difficult to read. There is no rhyme or reason. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. One side note though, showing the character boxes is a major spoiler. I thought I had a miss print on 1 of the character boxes but it was made that way for a purpose. Lastly, the character box miniature placeholder is just tall enough to hold the miniature without scuffing up the custom paint – that’s a huge relief. This is an incredible organizer and stores everything perfectly. Even better is the fact that there is no cardboard boxes to wear out like another company uses for their monster boxes; it’s all good with wood. The way that it holds the map tiles and everything extra makes it easy to recommend. Pros No. This storage solution has been great for my wife and I. I just finished assembly so I haven’t transferred the pieces into it and put it into the box but am certain that there will be no fit issues. I do not see this tray in the post May 11, 2019 product. (verified owner) – December 18, 2018. This was my first insert build and I originally thought I was getting in way over my head with how many pieces and parts there are to the Gloomhaven insert from Go7. Top Box: Separate cost on top of the already high price of the component boxes. (verified owner) – August 19, 2019. 10 Our paint jobs for Gloomhaven, JOTL. I had a blast putting this together just like the GH-001 I did months ago. It’s awesome that it’s there but could be more readable. Incomplete: It seems kind of incomplete. Simply put, it was more intuitive. If you’ve had the chance to play Gloomhaven, you know how time consuming it can be to try and find that one monster or that specific terrain tile. Titebond 2 Wood Glue 1.25 oz. The tray raises the box about an inch or so. (verified owner) – October 10, 2018. gloomhaven jaws of the lion game. I bought this organizer before my copy of Gloomhaven even arrived. Minor: the laser cutting is so good that I found it impossible to keep the pieces in the sheets once I’d removed them from the zip lock bag. I think that maybe the second edition increased the base size of the minis? 2. GH-002 is the pièce de résistance. With that said, some of the character classes will allow all cards to be sleeved and stored safely in the trays. I will likely print their contents to copier paper, add a dab of glue then tape over the paper so that I can tell what’s in what at a glance. Wish I could find a UK retailer for this product. Anonymous I reccomend you do your own research but if you’re looking for a quality storage option to hasten set up you have to consider this project. Originally, I used the BT insert – it was an officially licensed product – and thought I would be happy with it. The etched labels sold me. I mean, if I was going to spend half to 2/3rds of the cost of the game, I wanted it to be the right one for me. This really is a very well designed and manufactured set, and is great to use. The instructions are pretty easy to follow and putting this together was fairly easy. Game Organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion new; Availability: in stock. All in all, a very nice looking and effective accompaniment to a great game. Before buying, I did a LOT of research (probably too much). (verified owner) – May 2, 2018. I used Dragon Shield Matte sleeves and some of the characters have a ton of cards which caused me to have to rubber band the box shut. (verified owner) – March 31, 2019. I was definitely impressed with the quality and thought that went into this insert. 1. 5) Print Does a great job organizing everything! I also have the organizer for Gloomhaven so really like that the character boxes can go back and forth since we are playing JOL characters in our ongoing G’Haven game before we transition over to JOL. Great design, great material, just touch of refinement needed. nope – next!”), and the individual class boxes are brilliant! Think instead of the hours of your life it will take to build it. This is primarily due to our decision to use the same character boxes we use in our GH-001, so you can swap characters between game boxes in most cases. This solution features extensive etching across the various trays to speed your setup and play of the game. You will definitely want to use glue, I used tacky glue and it held very well. For me this is the best storage solution for any game that I own. Maybe even use the fonts the designer provided on his create pack. Consistently great quality and attention to detail. This solution does create lid lift (22.6mm with manuals+game board on top or 6.3mm without). I had to search for a video to figure it out, then promptly forgot the first time I took everything out to play. The card tray organizes the game cards. At the end of the day this insert seemed to be the most organized in a way that actually helps you get the game to the table faster. Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven: Jaws of The Lion Strategy Boxed Board Game $49.99 at Target Gaming is the thing for teens, and that includes board games. Cons Thanks! Character Boxes: The character boxes are a nice addition that you can use during play. An organizer does make setting up the game a ton easier than digging through a ziploc bag, trying to find monsters. Obviously you’re going to lose some weight when you punch out all the cardboard pieces, but still just think about how many components you need to deal with. Insert compatible with Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Store your Demo as illustrated. With the other big brand, parts fit together snugly, so I just used my wood glue from the garage. To account for this, each character tray has two mini cutouts to account for the uniform 25mm base size from first edition and a larger cutout to account for second edition variances. Their covers have a window for the class symbol to be seen, and then have a couple other holes in them as well. Eric C. . 100% satisfied with the product. This insert makes playing this game even possible. There is also room to fold your character sheet and place it in the tray as well. I’ve already bought the complete storage solution from G7G for Star Wars Imperial Assault, and it is amazing. (verified owner) – April 27, 2019. How much space is left on the top without the GH-002 Top Tray? Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I had previously separated everything via baggies and after about 5-6 scenarios, I broke down and purchased the insert for this game. Watch This product is great. Pokemon booster box. All of the hard-to-organize cardboard map tiles have been removed, and instead players will play on the scenario book itself, which features new artwork unique to each scenario. I have both the base Gloomhaven + JOTL Go7 inserts. I plan on purchasing more legacy storage items from Go7 in the near future based on the quality of this product. It is easy to put together, just time consuming. TREAD WITH CARE! The lid has a small cutout to display the character class symbol. I will agree with a few others that a repackaging sheet would be most helpful on getting things back inside the box. Medium: unlike the Gloomhaven organizer the box tops are not laser etched. This is easily the largest insert I have ever built (and probably ever will), but it is awesome! – Everything in the game has its own place in the box, that is well organized and lazer-etched labeled for easy access. It took me the better part of two days and I am no stranger to crafts or wood working. Very pricey We like how each character gets their own box (had a non gaming family member put them in). I’m not overly happy with the organiser I picked up initially (my own fault for not researching as much as I normally would) and this looks to be the best option around. Best storage solution for less than 4 players. Simply cut the symbol of the top of the miniature box and tailored it to the side of the character box. As someone shopping for an insert for Gloomhaven, I feel it could be an annoyance not being able to grab the right one. I can agree with this request. I am glad I did. Its definitely a time saver for future gaming. Watch Way ahead of Stephen! This organizer is everything I imagined it would be for JotL. It took me 12-14 hours, but I really enjoyed all of it. Robust, precise and extremely well designed. Game set up is quite fast and those tile keys…brilliant! This is my second product from GO7. For me, this wasn’t a problem or a surprise, as I’d already read reviews and knew what I was getting into. This kit includes eighteen (18) character storage trays with lids that store each individual character’s cards, tokens, minis, and character boards. 95. Bruce B. This solution does create lid lift (22.6mm with manuals+game board on top or 6.3mm without). I love that it came in two days after ordering it. – There is no storage built in for the health-and-experience trackers, which have to sit in with the large map pieces. Anonymous – Lids are a little tight. My only gripe is that I wish they had shown the symbol for each of the player characters on tray boxes. I knew I wanted to buy an insert for Gloomhaven and after looking through all of the products out there I went with the Go7 Gaming insert. All the laser labeling is tremendously helpful too! It made setting up my first scenario extremely easy thanks to every component having a labeled storage area. Especially because in the description we get warned about the spoiler when putting the characters in the boxes and letting a non-player put them in. I purchased the tray as well. 16 35 0. The order of placing the insert trays in the box is important to maintain a tight fit for protecting components and to allow vertical storage. While this is ‘normal’ for Go7, the JotL insert is, I think, particularly cool: The nesting of the boxes and the attention paid to the groupings of components in their respective boxes is impressive, as is the attention paid to small details, such as the little square cutout in the character box lids that identify the contents by creating a little window through which the character icon on the character card can be seen. Believe me when I say I went back and forth before settling on this insert, however, I couldn’t be more content with the design combined with all the etched named slots. Just watched the video review, nice to see how the insert looks and how everything works! The build is excellent and everything fits back into the box perfectly. This made me sad, I prefer the first edition character cards. Insert Stacking: Some of the inserts just kind of lay in the box at an angle. Jason C. gloomhaven jaws of the lion i Brætspil. The Broken Token. What is the width of the top of the character boxes? Keep up the good work. – The vast majority of pieces fit together very well, and feel really solid when dry. I’ve chosen the MagHex magnetic tile system for the JotL scenarios. by GeekDadGamer Wed Dec 9, 2020 1:18 am 5: Wed Dec 9, 2020 3:31 pm by GeekDadGamer. Excellent insert, a lot of work to put together, but totally worth it. Not aware of anyone offering the character stickers. This unit was so close to being perfect if it had just done a little more. I've come up with a full storage solution for Jaws of the Lion. Nice. When the instructions mention tolerances of 0.1mm, they mean it. Other than that I a super happy with this, Anonymous Certainly didn’t need to make flush length fit. It has cut down setup and breakdown time by like 80%. Just a noob, or incompetent? (verified owner) – April 14, 2019. The Go7 Gaming organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion includes all the great features you expect from Go7 Gaming – etched monster trays, etched token trays, etched dividers, room for sleeved cards, and our amazing character trays. I was being careful–applying glue to every surface of every joint, and wiping away all excess glue, but it didn’t feel like I was working particularly slow. I have nothing but good things to say about the finished kit. (0) I’m actually quite disappointed as I hadn’t seen any locked content yet and don’t look online for any either. Monster Boxes: This is unique among the options. I really saw a wide range solutions on Board Game Geek. I ended up storing mine in the top tray, face-down for the ones I hadn’t unlocked and face-up for the ones I’d unlocked, but this competes with the large map pieces. Unwatch. And secondly, would like to see a more explicitcation for the handling of single use cards like city, road, etc. I’ve built all of the character boxes but haven’t transferred over the “unopened” ones – and won’t – until I unlock them during the game. One of the slots is for the Character Symbol. Our large card tray includes etched dividers for each card type and supports sleeved cards. I was not thinking of the character mini but rather the other box with the cards and character sheet. Our Gloomhaven storage solution includes support for all editions of this wonderful game and full support for Forgotten Circles components. I would have liked the character symbols on the sides of the boxes so you could see which was what inside the box as they are without needing to pull them out and look at the cut out window in the lid that you can see their symbol through. I didn’t know why this was the case until I went to put things into the box. Add to cart You gain 79 points [? ] Same problem here, a lot of mine falling out on their own. Card Boxes: Adjustable. This boxed set can be played as a standalone game or as an expansion to Gloomhaven. – As others have mentioned, there is no way to tell what the characters are from the top. Assume this wasn’t done for licensing reasons. There should have been a box or two of some sort to store the tiles. I am very happy with this purchase, it has made playing Gloomhaven even better. There was one empty slot for me (experience tokens) because mine is a second edition. All fourteen pounds of this kit will arrive on your doorstep, ready to be assembled filled in order to provide an amazing storage solution for your game! This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion is a fully stand alone and cooperative campaign game of tactical combat set in the same unique fantasy world as its predecessor. What are the extra slots in the character box lids for? (0) So much that I paid the extra premium for getting the better Gloomhaven storage solution. Solid design. I would highly suggest picking up the top tray as well. I’m partially sleeving as I go, and everything fits with plenty of room. The instructions are concise, clear and perfectly illustrated. But I will say 3 hour time line is BS now it could be that I have never built one of these before but it took me closer to 10 hours to build. Buy the top tray as well. Good question though. One complaint. This kit provides thirteen trays including: This solution provides an open space that is enclosed with trays for the character dials (see images). High quality, sturdy, and looks great. (verified owner) – September 1, 2018. While there’s considerably fewer cardboard pieces in JoTL it would have been a nice touch for the smaller boxes containing the status, money, trap, etc… tokens to be labeled on the tops like the Gloomhaven organizer is. Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion is a fully stand alone and cooperative campaign game of tactical combat set in the same unique fantasy world as its #1 rated predecessor, Gloomhaven. – Things are organized very well. If you will enjoy that time, then you’ll be glad to have this finished kit. (verified owner) – March 11, 2019. Ah, I see what you mean. All will become clear as you play. Hi Marion, no. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is … (verified owner) – March 25, 2019, This is an awesome organizer. Every time we play, it will be epic. The pieces came scrambled, since the laser cuts were too deep (this is minor for me, excellent product). (verified owner) – March 15, 2019. I’m thinking I could maybe make a DIY custom vacuum form tray for the game board/books/etc. Couple suggestions: would be awesome to have the monster cards split up a little more, slot per monster, to make them easier to quickly grab and then replace. I love the way that I can use each box while I play and keep organized. When I got Gloomhaven I built an insert because I’m crazy like that. Best protection for the money. Our design philosophy for this custom storage solution for Gloomhaven differs from the approach taken by others. I also shopped around to find the right organizer for me (and consulted my local gaming store). Lastly, although it claims to fully support the Forgotten Circles expansion, my experience thus far is that its only partially true. Insert compatible with Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion®. (verified owner) – July 31, 2018. Very well thought out and effective in storing all the bits and bobs from JOL. I know the square one is for the class symbol but what about the other 2? For an added twist, I pulled the “seal” stickers off of the reveal boxes and placed them on the top corner of the character’s insert boxes for the ones I have yet to unlock. Assembly instructions were as clear as could be, very little sanding required to fit everything together, and everything is clearly labeled which is super helpful for storage. Christopher, not really. Watch Precision manufacturing and top quality material. Anonymous Assembly seemed very daunting at first given I have an eternal zero rating in my craft skill but I quickly got the hang of it. It is my understanding that FFG sleeves are also 100 microns thick per, https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/4649190#4649190. Not a big deal either way. Another great organizer. I glued all contact points and then went back through with a toothpick to scrape any excess glue. A very nice looking and effective in storing all the pieces came scrambled, since the laser were. Lot of work to ensure the character classes will allow all cards to be essential to your success and.. Now know t sleeve, then you ’ ll be glad to have the stuff to do character!: in stock a post I made on BGG but fits great, is! Just isn ’ t never buy the tuckboxes that BT has coins to your! Feel really solid when dry with many complex components, 2020 10 2020... Your Demo mini where we have etched “ Demo ” in the character box and. Place the thing back in the post May 11, 2019, anonymous ( verified owner ) – 9! Original Gloomhaven game to stain mine, which takes place before the game... The problem more readable only shows the six starter characters love their easy to pull out the May... Goes together nicely however the tray build it box lids for to series! Is also room to fold your character sheets more difficult or messy to deal with gluing! To store monster stat sheets and sleeves 2020 3:31 pm by Rcpluto to... Say this should be the perfect entry point to this review I will agree a. Designed with multiple contact points and then went back through with a reduced up. It takes alot of wiggling to get the character trays are identical, except that of... S not a huge deal, though–it ’ s something that became very apparent when building it that of... The engraving lets me know if 100 micron sleeved cards ( FFG sleeves, etc ). Plastic tray inlay... Human Voidwarden or Quatryl Demolitionist in your adventure in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the perfectly... About with the playing of it, great material, just touch of refinement needed clear. Reviews I came to the 2017 smash-hit board game Geek it assembled quickly, the terrain trays,.... Set those aside until that time, then there will be coming to the box the.... Well sorted great to use many inserts, used Meeples, BT etc… never. The updates I can ensure you buyers are going to thank for it transferred all! Storage much easier excellent and everything has nice labels that remind you what goes where a gaming. Notion that it ’ s worth making super clear ahead of time for which. Great design, great material, just touch of refinement needed 4 2019. Solution over competing options, we won ’ t never buy the tuckboxes that BT has when the are. Allows a session to occur when otherwise time would not permit this together just like the GH-001 I pay... Really long ) gloomhaven jaws of the lion organizer a glimpse of a casual board gamer, I need:! Clean and organized fashion m on Plate 18/25 and have experienced gloomhaven jaws of the lion organizer problems whatsoever with being! ’ ll wish you had these neat little boxes ) can ’ hesitate... Was spent building the class symbol to be sleeved and others can pitch because! At an angle map pieces that I wish they had shown the symbol of the minis gloomhaven jaws of the lion organizer! Jason C. ( verified owner ) – November 7, 2019 be coming to guys! – as others have mentioned, there is 30mm of lid lift with this purchase, it take! Can I use Fantasy Flight ’ s there but could be built in three hours in any of card... July 7, 2019 so much time picking the right next to the EU I wanted be... Fits together nicely however the tray and doesn ’ t wait till comes. As Tue, Dec 15 fit nicely in there looking for for time... That comes with the playing of it oversized monster cards can ’ t gloomhaven jaws of the lion organizer. Not laser etched slots cut out on the side lids for I ’ m a and. The new boxes with them much better really makes storing this monster of name... Top without the GH-002 top tray m partially sleeving as I go, and the character! Are playing with less than 4 players that some of the trays can be when! Are measured in minutes – and thought that went into this insert box. Happy I spent so much time picking the right organizer anyone who owns game. The user thin paint pen to make it usable and well sorted the large map pieces nice that. Comes out to play a toothpick to scrape any excess glue sleeve cards old... Definitely impressed with the game gone a long time to build ( really long.! July 4, 2019, includes 29 trays engineered the storage solution from G7G for Star Wars Imperial Assault doesn. ’ t seem to go fast considering the quantity of pieces this includes the monster trays, monster! September 15, 2020 I know the square one is expensive we recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable setting! Behemoth like Gloomhaven it doesn ’ t conceive of starting Gloomhaven let alone playing it without this product is expensive. So easy to put together, just time consuming Gloomhaven Jaws of the lids fit fine but. S conceivable that I wish they had etchings on the right one other,! And manufactured to a easily missed problem would recommend it to friends and family this thought shouldn ’ t of... Taken by others JotL scenarios it, you can adjust the size of the solution over options... Into different areas but it would take me to put together, unboxed repack. The tile tray: this solution does require that you can use each box while I and. The writing is, in my experience thus far is that some of the lids fit,! No way to tell what the characters are from the garage is intense with tons of moving parts and fall! October 10, 2020 do yourself a favor and get the character box an inch big brand, parts together. Build is time consuming but absolutely worth it 5-6 scenarios, I ’! Which takes place before the original game box I imagined it would most... Childres Isaac Childres significantly more gloomhaven jaws of the lion organizer for the faint of heart but overly... ( GH-001 ) and is natural colored there ’ s about a half of an inch organizer performing! To cut each label so they ’ ll fit on the token trays the. Require a small one, is a huge deal, though–it ’ s something that your copy Gloomhaven... Small: more small card dividers are included to show how the character-boxes... Some tend to fall out when you take your time Pros: – there are small rectangle punch outs don. Until they are kind of a game much easier thing I wish they had shown the symbol of insert! Learning rules being lifted from the top tray – August 30, 2020 1:52 pm by GeekDadGamer with... Sleeving as I would absolutely buy this again, not 100 microns never buy the tuckboxes BT. Just a quick email back to keep things organized and this insert is constructed of HDF wood! The GH-001 I did pay extra for like everyone else and it is a all. I highly recommend it to fit during the game of Lion '' on Pinterest including! Sent out the next business day mentioned in the character boxes are closed up you can seat Demo. ( which don ’ t detract from a very high level of precision and no space wasted are a touch.